Climate Action Network


Visual signet for a congress event

The challenge
For the first time, leaders from government, business and civil society met for the 22nd Climate Change Conference in Marrakesh. Topic: Limiting global warming through 100% renewable energy. Climate Action Networks organised a one-day event for this purpose. The challenge was to stand up to many events and to invite as many visitors as possible to this event. This required a strong visual brand.
The solution
Instead of a symbolic sign, the signet was created from the long project name itself. Since the two numbers are set very large as start and end points, the words in between act as a link. The colours group the two paragraphs and pick up the themes of “air” and “nature”. The signet acts like a call – moving, actively prompting.

Corporate Design
Signet, Broshure, Postcarts, Banner, Posterseries, Sticker, Conference Speach Presentation


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