Museums Förderstiftung

One not without the other

The challenge
Museum promotion is not possible here without asset management. Anyone who invests assets with the RAM (Reinsurance Asset Management) undertakes to donate part of their profit to the Museum Foundation. The latter acquires art from private ownership and lends it to museums, which are usually unable to obtain market prices for art.
Both identities should express an individual character and at the same time look like brother and sister.
The solution
The Museum Foundation sponsors art from private collections in museums. Here the work of art is the central focus. The community of collectors, museum and foundation is trusting, open and diverse. Rückversichernden Vermögensverwaltung (Reinsurance asset management) is about sound investment and democratic participation. Every investor is a co-owner and is committed to the arts.
Both logos stand in a circle and combine the colour yellow.
Signets, broshures, stationary

Further Projects