Journal Viewer Trailer


DAI Journal Viewer Trailer

The Digital Publishing Award 2020 in the category “Process / Technology“ goes to the German Archaeological Institute (DAI) for its publication “Archäologischer Anzeiger” and its digital version realized with the “DAI Journal Viewer“. Tanja Lemke-Mahdavi developed the corporate design and editorial design for both formats. The jury recognizes the concept and its implementation as a “modern and pioneering journal format”.

Traditional publications such as the “Archäologische Anzeiger” combined with the digital “DAI Journal Viewer” create a unique combination of print and online publications. Scientific journal articles can now easily be linked to research data from various information resources of the DAI via a responsive viewer via Open Access. This approach of networked publishing was at the center of the application for the award. The “consistent modernization” of something very traditional has resulted in a modern and pioneering journal format with which “public goods are also available to everyone,” said the jury of the Digital Publishing Award for the new concept.

The jury emphasized that this is not an individual project, but that the offer could also be extended to other publications. Just in time for the award ceremony, the first issues of two further DAI journals were activated in this new format with the “Journal of Global Archeology” and the “e-Research Reports”.

LMK developed the trailer for the new publication format “DAI Journal Viewer” as part of the “Digital Publishing Awards” for the German Archaeological Institute together with Johannes Leisen (visuals) and Victor Rodriguez (text). The trailer is an image, product and explanatory film in one. It shows the path from the collection of scientific data to publication and its further use in the digital age.

Read more about the joint project development with the German Archaeological Institute and LMK here.

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