Digital Scientific Publishing


Digital publizieren

The challenge
The publishing house “Edition Topoi” publishes scientific research results traditionally as well as in a digital research cloud. An innovative platform with its own data formats, which makes scientific work accessible and networked via Open Access. The central question was: How do you structure the amounts of data and make them understandable and usable for everyone? And how do you publish the new formats?
The solution
The initial task was to develop a structure and focus on a platform that publishes both classic publications and digital data formats such as the “Citable” and the “dEbook”. Later it was about the design of the software itself, which got a visual face parallel to the technical development. The design reflects a modern, functional and scientific character. Earthy, warm tones in the background reflect the theme of antiquity. Bright colours underline modernity and provide orientation through the very complex areas.
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