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The Centre

The challenge
The Centre forms the platform for the dynamic global development processes of international organisations. This is where new ways of thinking and acting are initiated together. It is about the well-being of the community, about humanity and change. The main activity is the initiation and organisation of international conferences and think tanks. The task was to develop a corporate design that would not only present the Centre as such, but would also give the individual conferences their own personalities.
The solution
The logo symbolises openness, focus and dialogue. The corporate design for business stationery or institutional publications is sober, simple and leaves a lot of room. Red and grey-green are the main colours. The visual language is predominantly carried by “the word”. Words that sum up the subject are the main focus. In contrast to the simplicity, comics are occasionally used.
The annual conference series, on the other hand, have a much more colourful appearance. The current topic is dealt with here.

Corporate Design
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