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More than just reading!

The challenge
The Bayerische Sparkassenstiftung has been supporting innovative projects in the areas of museum education, environmental education and telemedicine for 20 years. The anniversary report should reflect this innovative project work. The result was a printed report, an app, a website and an image film. A project by Das Schoenewerk.
The solution
The report looks and feels like a very high quality production. The cover is laser perforated. Films are integrated into the page layout via augmented reality. The function can be downloaded to your mobile phone via an app, allowing you to find out more about projects through additional films and audio files. The entire project spectrum is documented and updated on the corresponding website.
Just like the foundation projects, such is the implementation of this report: very lively and emotional, sometimes loud, sometimes quiet. It is simply fun to read, feel, look and listen.

Anniversary Report & App


Further Projects