Strategic logo design

Blog 24. April 2018

A logo should embody the core of an identity in a few characters as simply as possible. The process of development has not changed until today, but the use of logos has: They need to be digital for every application and flexible in use. In addition to the traditional print media, logos need to work as apps, favicons or even animated.
Everyone wants to have a distinctive logo. Otherwise what’s the use of all the effort?
The uniqueness of a logo makes intensive research indispensable in today’s brand world. It is necessary not only to carry out thorough research initially into the own market segment, but also within other cultural circles and with a view back to historical symbols in general. The temptation to be inspired by the Internet is great. But this should only be used for research. Individuality counts in the concrete design phase. Hands on!
Of course, the character is also part of the unmistakability. The more detail with which this is defined, the clearer the individual logo elements such as font, image or colour can be played out. A carefully selected typography is an important component of a unique logo. Because every typeface reflects character traits. Intensive research is worthwhile here as well, so that the same fonts are not used again and again.
The legibility of a logo is not only reflected in the choice of a font, but also in the contrast. A logo must therefore function on a wide variety of backgrounds, in different sizes and in all media: pixelated in the app or as a favicon, as well as being printed on the business card or a car. The contrast between light and dark tones as well as the sharpness changes depending on the application.
All in all an exciting process again and again!