What does identity actually mean in brand development?

Blog 18. May 2018

Identity refers to the sum of the characteristics and values that characterise a person, a product or a company. Identity answers the central question “who are we?” and “Why do we do that?” and defines the core of an issue. It’s about values, visions and competencies.

The perception and definition of these individual characteristics is essential for the development of communication solutions. From these, a uniform whole is created that is authentic and stable as an identity.
The concepts developed from these features are vivid and have an effect both inwardly and outwardly.
The more clearly these are communicated, the more clearly a target group as well as employees of the company identify with that identity. It is important that these values are lived and thus have an authentic effect.

I attach great importance to the fact that the communication concepts are consistent, but at the same time remain open for further development. This is because both individuals and companies or organisations have relationships with their environment. And this is constantly changing.